Size does matter Choosing the refrigerator, usually begins with a definition of its size. If the kitchen is large enough, and the means you are not limited to, the better to get a big roomy refrigerator. Maybe even two separate unit – tall roomy fridge freezer and cupboard under the worktop. Another option – Refrigerator Side-By-Side. Go to Professor Rita McGrath for more information. They are not too high, but very wide, with two located next door, swing open in opposite directions (hence the name). However, these models are more expensive and take up much space bolshe.Esli size of the kitchen does not allow you to get a broad "American" or "Asians", we have to go on the way "Old Europe" – to buy high narrow refrigerator. At the same time check as to whether the size of doorways and corridors of your apartment to carry the purchase to the place of permanent placement.

ONE, TWO, THREE … In the days of our grandmothers were the most common single-chamber refrigerator, freezer, which was located at the top of the refrigerator compartment. Now they are buying much less. No doubt, the single-chamber refrigerator is a distinct advantage – they are much cheaper, and take up less space. But they are less and by volume. Especially "suffer" freezer, which is reduced in volume so that it can accommodate only one-two chickens.

In Basically, if the family is small, then this can be a freezer. However, we must remember that in this type of freezer temperature is generally higher than in a separate freezer refrigerator, respectively deadlines storage of frozen products will be less. In recent years a proliferation of single-chamber refrigerator (not freezer) and a twin freezers. Models such as generally designed for large kitchens. There are freezers with a horizontal door (freezing chests). The most common are the refrigerator, in which freezing and refrigeration branch separated from each other and have different doors.

Selling a Property

First phase: educational ask yourself these questions: really, would like to have their own House? The answer is very important since buying home requires time, money and lots of energy. The second question is: can cope with total expenditures that requires buying a House? hese are: down payment, closing costs, costs of organizing themselves in the new House, monthly budget of payments for the mortgage, insurance and above all taxes! To help you in these responses, you must analyze: what are your current debts? Your income and your expenses how you have your credit history. And if your job is stable. Is also very important that you properly capacites for information, whether in housing education seminars, or by other means, because it is important to know that: an informed buyer is a happy owner! The second stage is: the search of the mortgage initially, apply for a loan or mortgage, commercial banks, financial companies Associations of savings, etc. We must carefully plan the first interview with the loan officer, draw up a questionnaire with all the doubts, because once you’ve made the decision, will be harder to reverse it and have on hand the following documents, which are basic and will help to expedite the loan: form W-2 for the past 2 years. Proof of payment of the last month, or proof of income (if you work by your account), your bank statement of the last 2 months, report of debts, credit cards, etc. You will need to demonstrate that you can face with correction a credit, so, if your really want to buy your House, you will need to have a correct path, i.e., it will be important that you prove you cancelled your accounts on time: rent, water, light, gas, phone, cell phone, auto, insurance, card and any other debts that your contract. Achieving a good credit history to get the loan is essential, since lenders want to have clear information and detailed people to which you will assign the loan.