Norman Fosters Masterpieces

Excerpt of exceptional craftsmanship! In one of the most visited cities in Europe, Barcelona, there is so much to look at, that the tourists will certainly never boring. In addition to the abundance of recreational and leisure opportunities you get fully as architecture more interested at your expense. Speaking of which: Are you looking for lodging in Barcelona? A number of Norman Foster’s masterpieces, which were built with much sophistication and skill are available in Barcelona. Its architecture is simply impressive. Two of his most important buildings in Barcelona are as follows: the Collserola ‘Tower’ the renewed radio tower of Barcelona, the ‘Torre de Collserola’, is a whimsical stroke of genius.

Built on a hilltop of the Collserola, the ‘Torre de Collserola’ in the course of the Olympic Games was set up in 1992. What is remarkable of the Torre de Collserola is compared with its counterpart on the Montjuic simply its unique, sleek shape. The Torre de Collserola is a high-tech tower with an unconventional silhouette. A Elevator brings in 2 minutes the visitors platform. From here, you can enjoy great views from about 560 meters.

Compared with the views of Tibidabo the fascination about a lot is larger. In addition to its uniqueness, restaurant and the unique view of the Tower draws many visitors to this award-winning building. Directions: CARRETERA VALLVIDRERA-TIBIDABO, S/N Ferrocarrils Generalitat de Catalunya of the Agbar Tower’ of the ‘Torre Agbar’, completed in July 2005, is the latest sensation in the city and attracts tourists and architects again and again to Barcelona. The unique shape of the building is impressive. Housing offices of the municipal waterworks, the design of the ‘Torre Agbar’ from the nearby Montserrat was inspired mountain. There is an auditorium with the capacity of up to 316 people in the premises of the ‘Torre Agbar’. With 34 floors, the ‘Agbar’ is often compared to a blowgun. At closer approach, seeing that the building of two oval Is cylinder-shaped complexes, which are covered with a steel glass construction. However, the fascination is less of the innards of out of the Tower, but rather from the outward appearance. Polished aluminum forms the first layer in shades of green, blue and grey. The second skin of the Tower consists of a number of layers of glass, especially at night, giving him his extravagant appearance, like a shiny jewel. With its shimmering and smooth texture, the ‘Agbar’ attracts millions of visitors in its spell. Directions: Metro L1-Glories buses: 7, 56, 60, 192, B21, N2, N0, N7 Tranvia line 4 home.asp