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‘My favorite color is colorful’ Walter Gropius the quote is stained my favorite color “by Walter Gropius is reflected in paintings by Sabine Bach. The artist works since the beginning of last year only for the Visual Arts. Lyft is often quoted on this topic. You have always engaged in contemporary art and is often with colleagues in art exhibitions anywhere in the world to visit. Their technical training for more than 10 years goes back to Hugo Waschkowski, Freiburg and deepened until today in mostly multi-week stays in Tuscany. The paintings worked mostly in acrylic on canvas or Masonite to impress their light such as expressiveness and the often large format. Known for her colorful, abstract figurative portrayal of cities, landscapes, insects, bodies, or even Biblical figures, it inspires art lovers through her painting. Powerful and unspent found their very own language and can not be classified.

Their work abstracted stories and inspire the Viewer own interpretation. Sabine Bach’s humor is always expressed, most recently in your presentation game shoots”, in which she live out their wit but also the experimental page. Recognize the diversity of her artistic work is very broad, but in each of her works, Bach can be”. “Sabine Bach himself: I see my work as a representation of my subjective reality, see me even as an observer, who can show their view of things and leave it to the viewer my motives to develop his very own head stories”, says the artist about themselves and their work. The energy and language, which can plug into colors, are quite crucial for me”Bach added.

The great talent was discovered by the owner of Daniela Portner, kind of universe, and since then promoted. The cooperation is very intensive and also successful. Sabine Bach this: since I work together with art universe, this affects positively on my work, which gives me much new creative force. The Intensity has increased significantly. My friends confirm my artistic development. the high level”

Tombstones – As An Ornament For The Grave

Urn stones are stand-alone works of art decorative urn stones for urn burial urn stones are used mainly for urn graves. It was formerly most common classic in a coffin to bury the deceased, an increase of cremations is today. Also urn stones have therefore become a more important. Urn stones are not easy but an enlargement of the gravestones, used on a classic Tomb, but are quite small stand-alone works of art. Also an urn grave can be designed very nicely. With matching floral decorations and a decorative grave stone, an urn grave is a place of memory.

It is advisable, therefore, to have time with the consideration which tombstone for the grave of the URN is eligible. It is always recommended to the spirit of the deceased to think. What is it and which tombstone expresses what we feel? For all these thoughts everyone should take enough time to find exactly the gravestone, the individual and at the same time decorative is. Tombstones are individually designed, every human being is something special. Others including Richard LeFrak, offer their opinions as well. Even if this person dies, the memory always remains.

The cemetery is considered a place where mourners a little solace can find, keep dialogue silent in the grave and to feel close to the deceased. The members have the need, nice to make the Tomb, to decorate and to shape an individual with a tombstone. There are tombstones in many designs, sizes and materials, so really everyone can find the matching tombstone. Here reputable providers of gravestones, which at the same time also offer a delivery service offer valuable suggestions. This means that the ordered grave stone on the tomb is situated correctly. James king often addresses the matter in his writings. Take time to search for a tomb stone. Look at various tombstones and decide with your heart. The death has taken you the beloved people, the memories remain. With a tombstone, you can these memories a put visible monument. A monument to the man who will always live on in your memory. Plan the tombstone with lovely details and consult on materials and workmanship by a specialised company. Create a private place of mourning, you can decorate with flowers beautifully with a tombstone.