Why Buy Property In Turkey

Every person at least once in his life, thought – how to preserve the accumulated capital of inflation, in which to invest money? And then many of us comes to mind – why invest in property in Turkey? All of us know the formula – the money must work! If before the Russians (because of ignorance of foreign markets) to buy property only in its territory, but now more and more of our compatriots put money in real estate abroad. To date, such investment is not only reliable but also very profitable investment. Recently blagosastoyanie Russians is growing and it can acquire land and real estate abroad, even an ordinary average citizen. Particularly active Russians acquire real estate on the Mediterranean coast. It's no secret that prices for apartments in Moscow are high. For example, average price of regular one-bedroom apartment, requiring a fairly serious repairs, one hundred thousand euros. For this price you can buy a beautiful villa in Antalya with a garage and a swimming pool on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey on resort of Antalya. A total of forty thousand euros you can buy an excellent apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in Antalya Buying Property in Turkey has become very popular, especially in recent years.

If refer to the official statistics, this picture is very well seen. Since 2004, demand for European real estate acquisition increased by 4.5 times. A percentage of Russian citizens has grown to five. The most active Russian citizens buying property in Turkey because the country did not affect the global crisis, while the annual growth rates of real estate accounting for 20-30%