USA Real Estate

Real Estate in USA, Earth in the U.S., bank confiscated real estate, Lending, Management, Business in the United States, Consultation, Full support of transactions. Great experience, excellent communication. Action plan: 1. Signing contract consulting fee. 1.1 Consulting work, 1.2 Provision of experts in the U.S., personal accounting, personal attorney. 03.01 Meeting at the airport, assist in placement, selection and display nadvizhimosti (business) in the U.S.. 2. Getting Started 2.1 Property Search (Business) prior to arrival in the U.S., according to your budget, intentions and capabilities.

2.2 Provision of lawyers, accountants in the U.S. before coming to the United States. 2.3 Getting expert advice in United States, before arriving in the U.S., according to your wishes. Consultations paid hourly: 100-150doll./chas 2.4 Providing an invitation to the U.S. Consulate, if visa is currently not available, the cost is included in the contract. 2.5 Your visit to the United States. Meeting in Airport, the location of our offices, help in choosing the hotel accommodation for the period of work, payment for hotel services is not included. 2.6 Selection of listings (of business), taking into account the previously submitted.

2.7 Showing properties (businesses). Delivery, display and selection of objects does not require payment. Objects are sold today, rather quickly, so by the time of arrival may be sold. It's certainly possible to visit these facilities will be on sale, but I would recommend consider new options suitable for the arrival. Questions for you: 1. What is the budget. How much are planning to invest, depends on your additional capabilities in the U.S., we can provide. 2. Planned dates of acquisition. We usually plan to work with each client in advance in order to give enough attention to each client. 3. Please introduce yourself, still do not know your name. 4. Others questions will be refined in the process. Company USA CAPITAL EURO LLC Phone / cell: +1 720 862 43 82 USA Phone / cell: +7 915 247 11 60 Russia (Moscow) e-mail: estate site. estate site, updated proposals. site devoted to business in the United States. inf. reference objects for today: