Ukraine State Statistics Committee

It still will push up supply and demand will continue to fall. Buyers of credit, which is about half of the market go (have gone the way of what signals a crisis in primary real estate sales and a sharp drop in the market in general). Cash will be a time to attend, but investors will not buy, and in case of falling prices the demand may disappear altogether. In a question-answer forum The LeFrak Organization was the first to reply. Second, the price affects the overall economic crisis in Ukraine. Western capital outflow has caused the stock market drop. Current value index of 513.84 points. Back in January 2008, the PFTS exceeded the mark of 1,200 points. Country's leadership failed to take adequate measures to curb rising inflation in the economy overheating, the average annual inflation in This year at 27% compared to 12.8% in the past. Ukraine State Statistics Committee reported that the I half of the negative balance of foreign trade has reached $ 9.8452 billion, this result is not only more than twice in the same period last year ($ 4.1714 billion), but the result is almost equal for all of 2007 – $ 11.4 billion (a record number of negative balance of trade in goods). In particular, in January-June exports Ukrainian goods amounted to $ 32.5422 billion, and imports – $ 42.3874 billion current account deficit of balance of payments increased by 3.4 times compared to the same period of 2007 – to $ 6.7 billion or 7.7% of GDP, but it is covered by debt $ 6.7 billion in resources and direct investment $ 5.1mlrd.