The Apartment

First of all, we need to understand that we are looking for. Let us define our key criteria. Size of the apartment. Area location of the house. Are we ready to buy an apartment on the first or the last floor. We must immediately determine which binding elements of the apartments would like to see.

For example, the presence or absence of , bathroom or separate. We can set the gradation in the form of minimum kitchen area or a minimum number of rooms. Of course Also, we can introduce a number of additional criteria. Distance to major thoroughfares, easy to use public transport to get to shelter, infrastructure, etc. But from my point view, all these issues are best addressed in the future when you view a potential apartment, per se. At the initial stage to highlight the basic points which for us is absolutely critical. If the object does not match them, then we will not even spend time watching it.

Naturally, I deliberately did not mention the main point in all this is the amount of money that we are willing to spend on purchasing an apartment. Sift through the funnel of the options factor, we are able to cut a large number of objects and not waste our time wasted. Hopefully, you already can answer those questions, which I announced earlier, or better yet write their answers on paper. Take a sheet of A4 divide it into two parts. On the left write down absolutely critical moments and on the right side, those moments that you would like to see in the acquiree as an additional facility.