State Registration

Thus, the seller get what they want – namely, guarantees the sale of their land and some of the money immediately, and the buyer is sure to unchanged prices of property and clearly sees the confirmation of intent the opposite side to the realization of the object. This form of contract is a good yield and in a situation where purchased plots in horticulture and in the hands of a potential seller only book gardener. According to the law This land can not access the market, since it belongs to State and want to design property rights horticulturist at the site for a subsequent transaction. It is no secret that in order to accelerate common form of hidden sales through the renewal of membership in a garden community, what is done in one day. At the same time suffers, above all, a buyer of land. First, trying to continue to be owner of the land, he will face the fact that he can not do it for free, and just bought it from the state on the land value.

According entered into force on 25 October 2001 Land Code of the Russian land Federation is provided in the property for a fee and free to privatize it could only be the former owner, if received prior to the allotment date of entry into force of hcc. Secondly, buying, therefore the land buyer involved in the original invalid transaction, which is one of the grounds under the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, recognized as such by the courts. This entails an inevitable return to the original position things and return the parties to each other just received the transaction. In the case of a preliminary agreement to all these problems can be avoided and to obtain the desired result without worrying about the future property. Finally, all steps are passed, and the parties came to the necessity of signing of the contract – the sale. How is it better to do? For most the answer is obvious – you need to go to a notary public. This is correct, but is not the only possibility.

After the entry into force July 21, 1997 Federal Law 'On State Registration of immovable property and transactions with it' in addition to the notary is possible to formalize a deal agreement in writing. Make it possible, both independently and with the help of a lawyer, referring to any law firm. The contract you provide passport details of seller and buyer, the very object of sale (Land), legal documents (certificate of ownership of land and buildings, if any, and cadastral passport), the price for which the land is sold and payment procedure. This treaty, after signed by the parties to the transaction, shall be a department of the Federal Registration Service of the district in which the object is sold. Using this type of contract you save money on state fees to be charged notary, and have the opportunity to formalize a deal with fewer provided documentation. As is evident from all of the above, there are many opportunities to minimize costs in solving various land issues. Increasing its own legal literacy and addressing professionals working in this market you can actually not only save money but also to avoid the negative aspects associated with failure own knowledge. It remains to wish all of us to avoid mistakes, so it was not necessary in the future for them is to learn. And do not believe the myths, living in the real world in which information is expensive, and correct information – priceless.