Secondary Housing in Moscow

Holding "Miel" reports that the secondary housing in Moscow stepped over the barrier in 7000 $ / sq.m. m According to the Analytical consulting center holding "Miel" in June this year on a regular (secondary) in the housing market in Moscow, noted increase in the bid prices in all categories and segments and a reduction of sentence. The average bid price (in dollars) of capital by the end of June of apartments increased by 3.8% to $ 7055 / sq. m. Prices in rubles grew by 3.4% and reached 166 709 euro / sq. m. Since the beginning of the year (to December 2007) measures the average price rose by 29.1% and 24.1%, respectively.

Quantitative supply volume for the month decreased by 31 thousand objects (-6.4%). Volume of supply in monetary terms and in the total area decreased by 1.9% and 5.5% respectively. The share of apartments, first offered for sale in the reporting month, decreased to 29% of the total. The maximum increase in prices recorded in the segment multi-room apartments (4.2%) in the other categories, prices rose by 3% -3.5%. Geographically, the largest increase recorded in CJSC (5%) in HLW average prices increased by 4.8%. In the remaining districts of the capital increase of around 3% -4%. Rising prices Deals Zealand (+6.5%) largely due to a change in supply of apartments of different classes.

As for the quality of housing is still the fastest rises in price of low quality housing (about 4% per month). "In June, the secondary housing market of Moscow apartments marked rise in all categories, sectors and districts – said Vladislav Lutskov, Director of Analytical Consulting Center of holding "Miel". – The volume of supply and the proportion of newly exposed apartments with the arrival of summer have decreased. The average dollar price of city apartments topped the bar at $ 7,000 / sq. m. In the future we should expect stabilization of prices and to maintain the supply until the end of leave at the same level. "