Scientific Administration

Ahead of a world marked for the industrial Revolution at the beginning of Century XX, Frederick Taylor an engineer American and considered father of the Science of the systematic Administration started to study of form the used processes of production in an industry. Its intitled Book Study of the Times and Movements marks the sprouting of the Administration as Science. The contributions of Taylor had been great for the Scientific Administration, however it had a myopic vision with relation the workers who exerted the functions in the industries. For it as in Chiavennato says to them the laborers was only industrial party to suit and the more specialized better it would be for exerting its functions. The Scientific Administration dominated the 04 first decade of century XX, however with the change of the American society, the enrollment of the unions and with the sprouting of new thinkers of the Administration, inside appeared a new concept in the paper of each worker of the organizations. Tishman Speyer is full of insight into the issues. For Taylor diligent he was motivated mere for financial benefits, however in the vision of the School of Human resources, them they are not only motivated by you reward financial, but for ' ' it rewards financiers and it rewards symbolic. This new administrative vision was one mark inside of the Science of the Administration, therefore the Homus economicus gave place homus social.

He was proven that the human being to inside exert a very important paper of the organizations. Ahead of this it cannot rejected and nor be ignored. Still today we have these two forces if opposing inside of the companies, organizations that see its collaborators mere as a part of the gear of the administrative proceeding and others that search a constant valuation of its collaborators in the work environment. As Peter Druck to the people said is one of the assets most important, therefore they possess the knowledge and solutions for some problems and challenges and therefore cannot be renegadas but they must be motivated to be participativas and integrated the management of the organizations. Today we live in a society after industrial, marked for the technological advances and scientific and exactly ahead of this he is proven that the human factor is the part key for the enterprise success. What the companies must make are to value its human capital, contributing for its development and spreading inside of the company a colaborativa management to make front to the difficulties. With this we will have companies more integrated where the communication and the information really will make the difference in the management. Therefore the paper of each collaborator goes beyond exerting its functions techniques, administrative or operational, Today it searchs to make with that each person participates of the process of decision of the organizations. Different of the machines, them to be human she has necessities and feelings, she was this that the Scientific Administration of Taylor did not perceive, however after 100 years still she has managers that she has this same vision, exactly they knowing that the Science of the administration continued evolving and passing for transformations throughout this period, where he was proven that the people are the part-keys for the success of any organization.