Sant District Ana

Dates, Facts and Symbols of the City of Parnamirim. 1682? Leonel Pear tree Alencar (the son) acquires of the House of the Tower of the D? Avila, in the Bahia would sesmaria, it of the Clientele of Santana, corresponding area to the mesrorregio of the hinterland, whose part belonged to cariri pernambucano, area of Cabrob the Exu that later is as inheritance for its daughter-in-law and adoptive son, cabloca Brgida de Alencar. 1792? Religious missions commanded by French capuchinhos request of Brgida de Alencar the land donations for construction of chapels in all the small farms, towns and villages opened in that area of the Clientele of Santana, also in the area where later it would go to be born Parnamirim. 1835? Distribution of land soils of the Clientele of Santana for the heirs of Brgida de Alencar, marriages and relationships of the regional colonizadoras families. 1847 – Origin of the city: Farm Bag of the Martinho and construction of the chapel of Sant Ana. 1850 – Year of death of the founder of the Town, the lieutenant Martinho colonel of the Agra Coast. 1867 – Farm Bag of the dumb Martinho of name for the Sant District Ana of the Bag. 1870? Santana of the dumb Bag the name for Leopoldina.

1877 – The chapel of Sant Ana is knocked down to construct the First Church. 1879 – Leopoldina is desmembrada of Cabrob and starts to be village. 1909? Leopoldina passes the category of city. 1918 – First formed state teacher arrived of Recife to give lessons in Leopoldina. 1924? Road was constructed 1 that bound Leopoldina to the city to the Willow. 1930 – Period of the Revolution that nominated intendants for all the cities of Brazil, also for Leopoldina, where Antonio de S Snows was indicated for the position for the governor of Pernambuco at the time.