Rio De Janeiro

Of this time, the groups had been distinguished and if they had differentiated for the ownership and the idea of property. I broke it of the mark of an identity, each group possua characteristic proper with language, religion, customs, forms of economy, rules in common etc. The interesting one is to perceive that in elapsing of history, many of these groups if had detached for the force, intelligence and for the amount of inhabitants. that each group with this complexity of recbia structure the civilization name. We have in registers evidences historical it of diverse civilizations, since simplest until most complex. What we need to understand is that the people since its origin receive influence of cultures, family, religion, school, friends, environments of work etc, and the good relationship alone if she optimizes when we respect the other with its particularitities, identifying our proper one and I resell possible necessities of changes. If strengtheing to each day, in knowing the other it implies in having a vast knowledge of the nature human being and the frequent motivations most common and that stimulate the man to act. The people are not only different between itself, but also the necessities that vary of individual for individual.

is accurately this great diversity that if constitutes in one of the immense wealth human beings, therefore is necessary that if it makes to respect the differences. The isolated man is a fiction, because it always backwards obtains a dimension that cannot be detached that it is its social and historical condition. The man as well as the other animals, lives in community associates to the other individuals of its species. However he is the only one that it speaks, it thinks, it learns and it teaches, it transforms itself and the nature, the MAN IS CULTURE IS HISTORY. At last it is of utmost importance to understand this process of interaction with the fellow creatures, interaction this that if of the one between two individuals or more, where the action of one of them is at the same time reply to another individual and stimulates for the actions of these, that is, the actions of simultaneously a result a cause of the actions of the other.