Retail Space

According to the Ross Group, in Orenburg on 1 account for 106 thousand square meters. m of retail space, which, according to analysts the company, says the high potential. Total leasable retail space of more than 80 thousand square meters. m. In the city Only two shopping centers that are worth mentioning. The newly restored house of life, called "CU Center, located on ul. Volodarsky. The total area of 6-storey building – 5,5 thousand square meters.

m, rental – 4 thousand square meters. m, is also a ground parking for 100 cars. sc , which is in a state of permanent repairs at the expense of tenants, has 10 thousand square meters. m leased premises. Rental rates – up to $ 650 per square. m per year. On average, the trade in Orenburg area shall be priced from $ 180 per square. m per year.

One was the unfinished trade, administrative and service complex "Atrium". In the city center, on the street. Soviet, in 2002 began construction of an underground shopping center, providing for the presence of five underground floors, which include parking, a chain of restaurants and other entertainment facilities, as well as great shopping area for boutiques. The total area of the project is 23 thousand square meters. m Orenburg press has called this object "grave mayor." In the near future will open the shopping center "Armada", the total area of 120,000 square meters. The project is going to be a landmark for the city and region. For 2008, plans to open shopping center "Zebra", "Likos" and "Salmyshsky.