Property Taxpayers

It says a lot. And these things edition – not his property, and property taxpayers, because it is funded by the publication of the regional budget. And chooses to publish the works of master exclusively for the personal devotion of an author to himself, the beloved. So much for caring about the future Kuban literature … I note that the famous writer – does not mean a good writer. And one more not less important issue. I would say one of the most important: the Kuban no criticism. That is a topic for discussion – a living, literature is valid, and to review, discuss it to no one.

Is not it nonsense? All pretend to like – if so be it. You may think we have nothing and nobody to discuss it. Eugene and Paul: Our most critical parameters of this scared as hell of incense. Can you imagine a lifetime of praise, praised to the skies, and suddenly someone takes and evaluate their work professionally. Extra headache. And what's the use? Write in a different way, they still have not become, and did not know how, and to meet the requirements of literature today – the same as that re-born. And then, without criticism is more convenient, and most importantly – safer.

So you will not find it, and the local literary publication. And where to look? Magazine "Native Kuban" – is still unreadable. Designed for a narrow circle of readers fixated on Orthodox ethnic theme. Probably because he is such a joyless and one-sided.