New Win-win-win Sales Model Of The Eagle Group

Interested parties can at the eagle-start group with the operating one finished and customisable shop system with nationwide distribution of fun, fitness, and wellness products. Ulm, 07.12.2009 punctually at the start of Christmas business the company launches eagle-group headquartered in Langenau (near Ulm) their new distribution model. Products from the areas of fun, fitness and wellness, which do not exist at each “corner”, be recommended already for several months in the win-win model from customer to customer. The referral program is simple: each customer gets when you purchase a product automatically 5 personalized referral coupons. He gives such a voucher an interested prospect, and this to redeem the gift certificate in the shop, this new customer receives a discount of 5 euros. The advertisers customer receives a recommendation thanks amounting to approximately 10% of the redeemed sale price. In the past, more and more customers wanted to recruit more new customers, to build up an extra income. She developed from this demand out Eagle-group the new win-win-win distribution model.

The new so-called Homestorepartner receives a completely ready Internet-shop system for a one-time registration fee in the amount of 49,-euros plus VAT. To pass on to interested parties, the new Homestorepartner gets provides access to its personalized shop system. All transactions that can be made about this, are settled via the new Homestorepartner. The eagle-group takes over the selection of goods, purchasing goods, the presentation of the goods in the shop, the storage of goods, the ordering, the customer hotline, shipping and customer service. Administrative access, various administrative and evaluation tools are the Homestorepartner available. Regardless of time and place, the Homestorepartner can build so his federal-wide business and control. Very interesting: The customer advertises customer system continues to apply also for the customers of the new partner. Belongs to the benefiting then: the Homestorepartner, the advertising customer and the referred customer. So win-win-win. An expansion in the German-speaking countries is already in planning.