Multichannel Measuring Amps

Application in practice are often situations arise where it is necessary to obtain a normalized analog signal from the strain gauges in the vicinity of the measurement object. Thus, can be realized long-distance cable lines. This problem can best be solved by a linear measuring amplifier model 9236. Single-channel version with a high protection class (IP67) can be applied to industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions outside the control cabinet. In a multi-channel version up to four measurement channels can be installed in one housing with mounting on din rails.

This means measuring amplifiers that can be placed, or in a control cabinet or directly from the sensor. Users who want to embed instrumentation amplifier devices in their own designs or to existing circuit boards can also be ordered open-frame version of the amplifier. Integration may be accomplished by screw terminals. Model 9236 measuring amplifier is used everywhere, where output strain gauge force sensors, pressure, torque, must be converted into an analog voltage signal, such as: Automated Production Equipment Integration Laboratory measurements user equipment field measurements Description Power supply instrumentation amplifier is 15 30 =. Internal exemplary power supply with short circuit protection provides nutrition strain gauges. Input range of the amplifier corresponds to the sensor output signals between 0.5 and 30 mV / V and is also suitable for semi-conductor strain gauges. Analog output voltage can be