Mortgage Insurance

Social mortgage Moscow – one of the few initiatives in the Russian Federation, which can bring real benefits to the population. It is understandable, Moscow has long been one of European cities, therefore, and approach should be appropriate. In Russia the situation is different – much growth in housing under construction in most areas is not planned, as a result of problems with housing are maturing more and more. Despite the fact that mortgage agencies exist in any city of Russia, and the level of service to them is high enough, you should pay attention to the contract, which with them is, as well as some consumer rights to know and even mortgage legislation. Or at least consult with a knowledgeable lawyer. During a recent trial in the Amur region revealed a huge amount of problems that nobody had even thought to cover. Now the mortgage system in Russia could easily stand up to the threat of a new crisis, accompanied by a rise in mortgage rates and the introduction of new toughen rules for borrowers. After all, practice shows that banks can not tolerate the risk, if they can be avoided in some way.