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Team training in the course of time what has the hype of high-wire garden changed since? Outdoor is in? Adventure and team spirit with targeted team development have companies the possibility to improve the cooperation of their staff, to develop a common goal, or resolve conflicts. New ground is broken in the seminar. Especially the experience-oriented team building seminars are according to Gunther math, Managing Director of the company careercenter “in Linz, still very much busy. This trend, we have for a long time, has widened in recent years. A few years ago, it has even more to incentives. Now more emphasis is back on the transfer seminar content into everyday work.” When booking a team training is set to begin, what content should be transported.

It needs a clear mandate and a clear goal. In the implementation of the combination of Indoorparts and experience exercises have proven according to math especially. The Range of different trainings is great. In addition to high ropes course, sailing turns, climbing, canyoning, rafting, orientation hiking, or coaching in the midst of Wild Wolves, new ground is broken in the segment of the outdoor modules, stressed Gunther math: many teams are already familiar with the classics from the seminar area. Companies which place emphasis on human resources development and put on team training, organize a team training with their teams annually or every two years. You need more new exercises and thematic areas. Even if each exercise brings a different output with other people, time each acid Lake and each Spider Web is somewhat monotonous and boring after the fifth. For us, a classic team training is a good mix of knowledge inputs, educational experience team exercises, and a workshop to one of the new themes such as movement, nutrition, cooking, orientation walk, wine seminar, etc.” Currently, there is a strong trend toward the raft.

That right is excellent as seminar-side-event with followed by reflection and preparation. Inventiveness and creativity, meaningful work distribution in the team, joint tackling deny are important aspects. In addition staff as a team meet in an unbiased environment, free of resulting rules of conduct and habits. And the fun factor is not too short. By highly trained coaches who implement the exercises exactly at the right time with a lot of experience and empathy, a successful seminar results”, explains math. For the future directions are emerging in the field of team training. One outdoor team trainings are increasingly combined with seminar content and on the other hand, an increasing health awareness is registered with the content.