Lease Premises

You have already picked up space for rent and are going to conclude an appropriate agreement with the landlord? What do I need to pay attention! In preparation for the conclusion of the lease premises should pay particular attention to documentation landlord: View the original and a copy of the certificate of title to the premises, is not clarified whether it is in the mortgage and not be there under arrest. If you rent a room with a view to opening the new company and you need a legal address – please check with your tax office, is not the address of your new office address of the mass registration of companies, if so, there may be some difficulty in obtaining registered address. If you are renting office space or any other destination in the sublease, make sure that there is in the presence of the main lease premises from the landlord himself, which clearly defined terms rental and no restriction or ban on letting premises in the sublease. Carefully read the terms of the contract, make any necessary corrections are important to you. Rental of premises for your business is a major undertaking. Correctly written contract of lease is one of the bases in the foundation of civilized relations between you and the landlord. If you are having difficulty in finding accommodation or preparing the lease, you can always apply to specialized agencies, such as such as llc Rikomp. Employees of this organization specializing in rentals of offices and premises for other purposes for business and always ready to consult their clients on issues such as office rent and lease of premises for other purposes, to prepare a lease agreement or provide consultation on the already prepared documents and contracts.