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With the advent of the financial crisis, a situation exacerbated by the real estate market is not the best, apartment prices go down, and buy or who are not in a hurry, this occurs for several reasons: First: plummeted Consumer demand for real estate: due to lower levels of affluence of the population (job loss, reductions, layoffs, lower wages), many citizens are not able to save money on housing in the second: mortgages practically does not work, banks are reluctant to give out loans to buy housing, because of fear of financial risk. Thirdly: the mortgage is not favorable for buyers: a high interest rate on the loan in the fourth: no large segment of the population who can afford the purchase of real estate do not do this: because investment and real estate investing at the moment this is a risky operation, but some are waiting for the price of the wound Property reach the bottom. in the fifth: the market real estate development, developers: is polustagnasticheskom state, many companies are bankrupt, and the inclusion of funds in a shared construction risky, because of the many scams in this business. According to analysts, this situation in the real estate market will continue for several years, but this does not mean that the property market is dead, in now occur mainly spot deals for buying and selling real estate, both residential and commercial, and by the spring again revive the market-town and resort real estate. The rental market residential and commercial property in their volume certainly has declined from a period before the crisis, but now has good momentum largely because of falling prices for rent, particularly in commercial real estate Our experts constantly study and analyze processes occurring in the real estate market, ask questions in the forum, share your information useful to users and give comments. It offers free classified ads without registration.