Housing Plate Apparatus

For example, in the heater VVPI-350 the number of tubes of 97 pcs., And k values in the light pollution are 1150-3200 W / (m 2 K). The maximum value of k is limited to the maximum allowed pressure loss 50 kPa (5 meters of water. Art.) Minimum values of heat transfer coefficients are modes of ta with a small heat removal. Analysis of the data sets under consideration shows that they are in a contaminated condition characterized by the coefficient of heat transfer, which is not worse than the heat transfer coefficients of contaminated ta plate. Is of interest to compare performance of modern plate-TA for public utilities and shell and tube represented the ta. Carry out such a comparison based on vg Baron 6.

Authors articles of design of tubular heat exchanger having a body is not in the form of the casing (pipe), and as a parallelepiped that is similar to the housing plate apparatus. Others design features virtually no differ from those previously developed by the authors of ta. In the case of pipes with external diameter of 12 mm and 13.2 mm pitch (adhesive fixing in tube sheets) dimensional volume psevdoplastinchatogo ta for example 2 will be 0.133 m3, and in the case use of standard split pipes vvpi with fixing pipe welding – 0.158 m3, which is less than the mapped plate apparatus (0.19 m3). Thus, for tubular ta compactness achieved, exceeding the figure for Plate competitors, which puts an end to the dispute of constructive types of ta for municipal services – with the proper approach to the arrangement of tube bundles of shell and tube plate ta ta superior in all respects. Issued by the ta have been successfully operated in the public utilities of Novgorod, towns and villages of Novgorod, Vladimir, Tver, Tomsk, Perm Region, Republic of Mari El, Karelia and other regions of Russia, including successfully replacing the plate-TA successfully been produced replacing the TA-type pp (MF) on vvpi (PVPI) in some regions (CBM Utilities Kovrov, Paul, re Tumbotino, etc.)