High Living Standards

Primorye really want to live in countries with high living standards statistics show an increase in the number of Primorye (7%), which leave a permanent residence abroad. On this occasion, experts doma25.ru portal was composed of rating, which would leave Russian citizens. In the first place in Australia, where a square meter of real estate valued at $ 2000-3000. Australia for the Russians is the most prestigious country. Leave for permanent residence here want a lot of Primorye. Among the several reasons for this move include social security, the economic advancement of the country, a high level of quality of life and pleasant climate. A special role is played by the fact that in Australia, provided the program for immigration, as well as programs for professionals. Second place goes to Germany.

One square meter in a given country is the cost about $ 1500-2500. The second place in the ranking given by the number of state who want to live in it and is seven percent of the citizens of the Russian Federation. They are attracted by economic stability, a reliable social protection of citizens. Most Germany occupy part of our compatriots, and it is for many potential immigrants can serve as an important aspect. Third Place – Italy is the average cost of square meter of housing around $ 1200-2000.

Exactly Italy dream to live about 6.5% of Russians. Primorye, unlike other countries where the level of living is high, it is like living in Italy, its climate and extraordinary beauty. The disadvantage of such a country is its not in the interest of migrants. This state does not offer immigration program, but will stay on the program, business immigration. Fourth place is taken by the United States. Square meter here cost 1500-2000 dollars. As it turned out, our citizens to live and dream in the United States. The number of these dreamers is six percent. This involves the number of Russians living in the country and great opportunities. Many believe the U.S. incarnation of his dreams and his life are there in ideal conditions. And in recent years in the states of the real estate prices have fallen, and the government has nothing to against immigrants. Well, at last, fifth place is the United Kingdom, a square meter of real estate which is $ 4500-5500. Approximately five percent of the economically active population of our wish to go here for permanent residence. Education there has deserved popularity. As you know, many Russians consider their second home in London.