Egyptian Pyramids

Stately and shrouded mystery of centuries, they are among the sands, where once were flourishing gardens, and keeping silent about the time, witnesses were. Among all created by human hands, they seem to residues civilization of the Titans, who once inhabited the Earth. Scientists still can not understand in what way they were building. So far we only know that the pyramids were built as tombs for Egyptian pharaohs, but who really knows who and for which they were created. Egyptian Pyramids – one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the only one that survived to this day.

The mystery of the Pyramids did not give people peace for centuries. Another thousand years ago the historian Masoudi argued that the Egyptian pyramids at Giza are not only a repository of knowledge of the ancient Egyptians in astronomy, religion and art, but also contain 'predictions of the future'. In 1865 Robert Menzies suggested that, if we take the sacred inch of the Egyptians and to measure the length of the inner chambers of Egyptian pyramids, we find the chronological dates of the most important events of the past and future. Based on discoveries made in the town of boiled 1948-49, Egyptologists believe that the temple architecture of ancient Egypt also contains encoded characters are philosophical, historical and religious reasons. Pyramid and in fact are not just a cult buildings. This was confirmed by research engineer Davidson. He found that the diagonal of the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops gives its direction along the meridian, up to 4 minutes 30 seconds.