Coast Pear

With the transference of the bispado one for Fishing, in the second half of the decade of 1910, the building, still unfinished, was vendido to captain Antonio David Gomes de Novaes. In 1928, the Group of Engineering of the Military Policy remodelled and concluded the building, where Battalion of the Public Force was installed 3. The main objective age to fight cangao. In the Revolution of 1930, it had shoot out inside and outside of the building, being died captain Joo Jac and the lieutenant Jose Coutinho of the Coast Pear tree. The commander, major Nlson Leobaldo, were wounded. After that Revolution, the building was disactivated.

In 1950, by initiative of the Lindaura teacher Gomes de S, the annex was constructed to shelter the activities of weaving, cut and sews, workshop of the Professional Center established by the florestana educator. Later the Pensionato of the Divine Step, located in the Square would function there Major Joo Novaes. It has the Residence of Colonel Manoel Olmpio de Menezes monument of excellent interest architectural, developed with a main body with attic forming the oito, and two small ones bodies in form of chal, the deep one of the lot. The building was constructed in 1920 for colonel Manoel Olmpio de Menezes, leadership politics of the city, having been mayor in the first decade of this century. Antonio Ferraz is located to the Street, in the center of the city. The Residence of the Dr. Joaquin Diniiz Hunter, building of excellent interest architectural, possesss the same tipolgica configuration of the residence of colonel Manoel Olmpio de Menezes. The Sobrado of the Square Major Joo Novaes, consisting of two floors and cover in four waters, with consisting rectangular plant with the same disposal in the two floors. Sobrado of interest architectural, keeps the same formal unit in the two faades directed toward the public areas.