Daniella is a Spanish speaker so she answered her questions in her native tongue. I also published an English translation of her interview with different art. tarot Name Daniella Arteaga Vallarino 72 names of god Website religion and places you can find my work cabala at Fine Art America Online: Arlene Lachman Galeria Daniella Arteaga: Daniella Arteaga Vallarino Artel: Daniella kabbalistic Arteaga Vallarino Artslant Artist: Daniella Arteaga judaica Vallarino Peruvian Horse World: Daniella Arteaga Vallarino Where I am I live in Panama Rep. of Panama. They are dark beings who were defeated and sealed into the underworld of the five wizards. Now try to take over the world and released from the surface. His lair is the abyss of the underworld
The Master (30-32): Lord of the underworld. Stamped by Leanbow but he became the Knight Wolf. Is released by the legendary power of the Rangers but sealed again by Leanbow in your body. . A perfect Austin real estate development in the look no further than Barton Place Esculpin frees him and takes the body of Matoombo. Absorbs meditation the power of the Power Rangers but humans and spirituality magical creatures and give them back their magic powers. The Master tries to absorb this new power but it is too much and explodes.
Morticon (1-12): First overall Amo. It has great power, but can not leave the underworld, unless you use a spell. It was destroyed during the appearance of the Guardian of the Portal of the underworld, Clare, by the Titan Megazord in conjunction with the power of the White Ranger, when get to leave the underworld. The del Amo has Colmillo.
Imperious (13-23): Old friend of the mystical magicians Calindor called after it was turned to stone betray fighting Daggeron. Necrolai frees you when Morticon dies. Morticon takes place after his defeat. Try to destroy the Master Koragg but do not let him. Daggeron is destroyed in combat limiting.
Necrolai (1-32): Lady of the dark underworld, queen of the vampires and mother of Leelee. Espia the surface and sends the monsters. It has no magical powers until Koragg giving up their powers to create a Dark Morph but later recovered the Koragg. binah Seeing the evil underworld joins Rangers quickeneth Daggeron and Leambow and becomes human in the act.
Koragg, The Knight Wolf (1-23, 26-29,31) Major knight magician and loyal only to the red string underworld Octomus. Koragg tells Amo, great rival Nick laying communicates telepathically and Daggeron. Holds the Shield and Sword of Darkness. The shield is in its Eye of Love. Later it is discovered that Koragg is actually Leanbow, the husband and father of Nick occult Udonna. Fight with the rangers for the good, but succumbs to evil again, until the final returns to be good and happy with everyone.
Ten Terror (24-32): The most powerful servants of the Master. They are all giants and follow the rules of darkness, who disobeys will die. The stone that the trial should choose to attack the Rangers. Looking for Nick, who call him jewish because the light can destroy the underworld. Necrolai them in a secret place of the rabbi underworld, after the attack Leanbow. They are:
Magma (24): First attack on Terror. Fight against the Rangers in a battle in which lit a flame. If it is turned off before they defeated the Rangers lose and if they defeat before it sepher turns off wins. torah As the flame goes out Esculpin loses and destroys cabbala it.
oculo (24-25): Second attack on Terror. It is a hunter. Fight against the Rangers in a battle in which if the game before the sunset wins, if not lost. Capture all the Rangers at least Nick. This joins Heart tree of life Fire destroys it and releasing others.
Serpentine (24-26): Third spiritual in Terror attack. Does not obey the rules of the darkness. Its kabbala snakes into stone and eats Jenji Rangers least Nick gematria and Vida, who can not be transformed by Hekatoid. By the laws desobecer dark Itassis them back their powers and qabalah they release the other Rangers. It is destroyed by the Megazord Nucleo Magico Jenji returning to normal.
Megahorn (24-27): Fourth on Terror attack. Does not obey the rules of the kaballah darkness. Have an impenetrable armor. Is so strong that neither can the Prince with Snow. Daggeron scholem discovers that his weak point is his neck. Lightning Megazord is destroyed when the Megazord Solaris Nucleo Magic hit in his weak point.
Hekatoid (24-29): Fifth on Terror attack. Is a frog mystical who thinks zohar eating alone. Capture Udonna. The Rangers, except Daggeron, beat jewish mysticism him and tries to rescue them but escapes and takes off his powers. Fill the sky with poisonous frogs. Daggeron but it stops trying to destroy. Leelee, Phineas and Clare rescue and recover their rod Udonna Snow. Rangers regain their powers and, together with Udonna, destroy it. Udonna freezes their frogs.
Gekkor (24-30): The Terror Matumba when trying to capture joins the Rangers. The Rangers face the all but defeated. Leanbow get their new powers and destroys Lobo Guerrero. Is not chosen by the Stone of Reckoning.
Matoombo (24-30, 32): Sixth in Terror attack. It’s actually good and is not capable of harming anyone. Befriends and tries to escape the Rangers I love going to the lake where it was put to sleep not to resurrect the Master. Despite their efforts Sculpin is captured by the Master and takes kabala his body. Revive when the Master dies and becomes DJ.
Itassis (24-32): Seventh attack on mysticism Terror. Is chosen by the judaism Master. Follow the rules of the dark and not allowed to disobey.