Urban Development

For: Cardozo* professor This article has the pretension to make a critical boarding about the approval of the new Managing Plan of Urban Development of Salvador (PDDU), considered for the Executive Municipal and approved to the surdina for the City counsil of Councilmen and its impacts in the environment. The reflection however intended here, searchs to display questions around the urban relation and nature in the bahian capital in the new millenium derived by the predatory relation between interests politicians and of the capital and its consequences in the environment. Search still to make a historical study of the theoreticians whom, throughout the urban development, they had searched academically to interpret problematic between urban development and the ambient destruction. For the objective ones above we will go to analyze a little of the history of the ambient thought and the Managing Plan of Urban Development of Salvador (PDDU) and its impacts in the special environment in the there existing region of the Parallel Avenue and sources and the advances of the real estate industry made by great groups enterprise in the region. THE FIRST CONCEPTS BETWEEN CITY AND ENVIRONMENT. Throughout history, the idea of city and nature already were thought since the beginning of century I d.C as well about the sample Maria Jose Marcondes who, citing Helen Rosenau affirms that: ' ' Helen Rosenau (1988), in the ample mapping that made of the ideal models of cities in the urban theory, detaches that already in Vitrvio (century I d. C.) existed the understanding of the relation between the man and what the author calls universe, as it shows to the diagram of the winds for localization of the streets in the ideal model of city for it formulada' ' (Marcondes, 1999, P. 19). No longer Renaissance we have the entailing of image of the nature to the social actions in the ideal archetypes of cities having the water as initial concern.