University Accommodation

The college students who move to other localities to attend their studies must decide which is the lodging that better adapts to its needs. Greater school, calls to account, shared floor, family of welcome are some of the options that the students have on the table. Greater school, calls to account, floor shared, family of welcome Before initiating the academic course, the college students who move every year to other localities to attend their studies must decide which is the type of lodging that better adapts to its particular needs. After making the decision, it is precise to begin the search. Get all the facts and insights with Nobel Laureate in Economics, another great source of information. The services of lodging of the universities, specialized and other resources facilitate this task to the students and they allow them to choose between several alternatives. Services of lodging of the universities the services of lodging are implanted in almost all the universities of the country and are the best resource to initiate the house search, calls to account or greater school in the new locality where the student will reside. majority counts on a page Web from which the supplies of lodging can be managed, although if it wishes it to the student, it can go personally to the university offices to obtain advising or customized information.

Public society of Rent Thanks to the agreements subscribed the past year by several universities with the Public Society of Rent, dependent of the Ministry of House, the students, educational and personal organism of these institutions can accede to the real estate park managed by this society. At present, the universities of Oviedo, Burgos comprise of this network, Carlos III, Granada, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Alcala de Henares and Complutense of Madrid and is anticipated that in the next years the agreements with other centers are extended of gradual form. These houses are a solution of reasonable lodging, since generally they are rented to a price around 13% lower than the houses of the free trade.