UNESCO World Heritage

A magical destination in Luxembourg stands out especially castle Vianden in the North of the country castles. Proudly perched castle above the picturesque village. The Castle premises results in a poignant panoramic views over the Valley of the our and the Middle Plains. The origins of the fortified system traced back to the 11th century. The Luxembourg Government became owner of the castle in 1977. Now, extensive construction work could be done back given its original splendour the Castle.

Today, Vianden Castle is one of the most historic fortifications in Europe. The Renaissance Castle in Beaufort represents another highlight among the cultural highlights in Luxembourg. Only in March 2013 the magnificent building was made accessible the audience. The last owner lived in the Castle until 2012. Please visit Expert on growth strategy if you seek more information. The apartment has been preserved in its original condition, and can be visited. Only a guided tour allows you to discover the graceful rooms and beautiful gardens. The Guide ends with the song of the House are blackcurrant liqueur.

The Valley of the castles of 7 represents an interesting stopover on the way to the capital. 7 magnificent Castle and get lock systems, in original splendour, or when romantic ruins, spread over a distance of 24 km. You bear witness to the way of life of former nobility. The over 1000 year old historic capital city boasts its picturesque Centre and its impressive fortifications. Since 1994, the historical townscape in the list of UNESCO World Heritage is inscribed. The fortress Casemates which were excavated in 1644, and 200 years offered protection to the inhabitants of the city are absolutely worth a visit. With cobblestone streets are lined with restored buildings. They are ideally suited for a tour of the city after visiting the Casemates. In addition to this essential witness of past times, Luxembourg continues to be an abundance of charming villages and castles, waiting to be discovered. You can find fabulous flat in the Grand Duchy. However, Luxembourg is not only a land of history. His architect reveals that it is rather a European melting pot. A partly bold contemporary architecture makes construction materials, outgrown the new building forms of a natural environment. More information on: visit Luxembourg