UNESCO World Heritage

Call for the referendum for Tempelhof airport on June 7 that overlooks Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de excited the County referendum next Sunday. Michael Paul of the Alliance: “Finally come to speak, who have a direct relationship to ‘Your’ airport as neighbors and residents”. Tempelhof airport is a place where a major foundation stone for our liberal Germany and Europe was laid. Tempelhof’s people want to get the airport just as a part of their personal history and identity – not because they want to travel there regularly. In the referendum demanded inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list opportunity permanently to preserve this historical site of the history of the world and to make a further attraction for Berlin. The Action Alliance in conjunction with the Senate contest has made extensive and constructive proposals on the future of the Airport (call for ideas). “The Alliance is convinced that the citizens and” Citizens a clear signal for the preservation of “Your” airport will be next Sunday. Michael Paul, the Action Alliance and confidant of the citizen’s initiative: we have a concept that keeps the historical place and at the same time, economic future lays the Foundation for a new airport.

The recent actions of the Senate and the Mayor are at best a sign of incompetence and arrogance. Now with this action damages are obvious.” Volker Perplies-founding member of the Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de: “the plans for development of the airport grounds make neither economically nor ecologically sense. There is neither a need after the additional residential and commercial space, yet can be Berlin here make the next billion holes. Run out of the development of this largest inner-city open space is also city climate disaster. It arises the question of whose interest the Senate here actually represents. “While the” Referendum of this time only voters from the district can vote, is now available for all of Berlin a new referendum within sight. The Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de filed on April 29, 2009 the first stage around 24,500 signatures in the Senate Administration for internal affairs and sports.

Of them, the authority has confirmed now 20.741 valid signatures. In the next step the Senate must now decide on the approval of the referendum so that it comes to the second round of the signature collection and subsequent vote. This “referendum for the world heritage site of Tempelhof and greater transparency in the policy” requires not only the monument just received and a waiver of the building, there are also substantial improvements in the law on freedom of information, separation of political and supervisory board posts, disclosure of income and a liability for Senate members.