Toy Libraries

Since 1959, the right to play is recognized in principle 7 of the Declaration of LOS rights of the adopted child the General Assembly of the United Nations, which considers for the child as fundamental as the right to health, security or education. Therefore, ways and means should be sought so that the children can play fully and satisfactorily. The toy libraries, therefore, should become a reality in Vigo, where hundreds of children come every evening to play on them and where are developed a work educational and civic through the game itself, toys and spaces, because that child development is directly linked with the game. Playing is fun, investigate, grow and discover whether it, observe and develop physical, intellectual, socially and emotionally. The pace of modern life and the danger of our cities not favours natural and spontaneous way that children can play in other times by forests, meadows or squares. So that the game can develop fully the child has need of companions of game, breaking with the own of big cities incommunicado. Also need suitable spaces and sufficient that reduced housing does not offer.

Thus, the toy libraries and leisure centres offer possibilities of game, relationship, security and appropriate human and material resources. The family have no direct means of creating space and game, although requests parental responsibility for their children’s education, but without offering possibilities of orientation and training in this task. The solution that seems to solve the problems described with greater guarantees are the playgrounds and the center of free time. The toy libraries are places where children can get toys on a loan basis and where they can play by direct mediation toy and with the help of an animator possibility, offering both material elements as the orientations and companies that required for the game to children. Thus means the playroom as a center of free time where takes place a globalized with children animation wizards and where begins process of changing attitudes in parents and educators. The toy libraries are an alternative that we must offer children floor or the children of the street. These centers have the possibility of influencing the habits and norms of the kids such coexistence, order, hygiene, respect, verbal, body expression and sensory and motor manipulative skills.

It is necessary, above all, enhance the playgrounds where children and young people has a problem greater socio-familial to compensate the family poor. The creation of the centres, to be closer to the population administration fundamentally corresponds to councils. The financial and technical support would create specific conditions so the toy libraries have educational and social profitability it is advisable that Councils made agreements with collectives and entities in the world of the child. . blogspot. It is Blogs similar toy of King Lion FAIL VideosBasura Nestle destroying forests Jorge’s blog the Time free Enrique Monterroza devotional provide ‘ right to health: do as was the situation in the Greenpeace urges Nestle to give a respite to the iPod forests mark the rhythm of the war? News Audio LawLoca dot Org Blog Archive Sketch-a – Move a toy LYRIC for MESSI ‘ I have much free time withholding I have much free time Nestle destroys forests.