The Place

(2) YUPPIES: Workaholics, who has been seduced by the trompe l ‘ il social prestige. 3) LOS PARIAS: Beings despised by other (posh and information), waste from each other. 4) LOS MACARRO: (Group which the own Jose fits). They are those who circulate the energy that each other is stagnant, thus helping everyone, in particular to the PARIAHS. He enrolls as a pimp, not to be pariah, tombstone of the other. To me, in principle, I located as Yuppie. Shortly afterwards, because I am not a yuppie, but a pariah, then I’ll be a pimp, like him: the two are equal.

But not, it seems that I do not always respond as a pimp. TIA, you are really strange. Sometimes you’re Yuppie, other pimp. I CAN NOT LOCATE YOU. YOU USE MANY VEILS.

And will try to locate me on another axis, not synchronous but diachronic: axis of reincarnation. I try not to confirm disconfirming delirium, do not adhere to the meanings that offers me or oppose them. Offer my place as an empty space: empty know, vacuum power, empty of any desire in relation to him. I try to push it to say as a subject, to give explanations of what happens. I invite him to tell me something of a knowledge that he has. And, if you don’t have it, which invents it. This does not preclude me from certain responsibilities. I can not make decisions in certain moments. Act as a psychiatrist at times is the responsibility which I have accepted, by accepting in a psychotic analysis. If a subject does not have resources to protect themselves from the phenomena that invade it, I feel obliged to provide other resources, other mediations: medication, income, the intervention with the family or the environment. It is not always possible to combine both speeches. Sometimes, indicate an income or a medication, places us in the place of the master.