The Largest Offer Of Hostgator In 8 Years Of History

If you are still doubting about that hosting contract, worth to listen this: we have just learned that this Friday, November 26, Hostgator will pull the House out the window and going to do discounts up to 80% on all its products and without sweepstakes or promotions. As we have told, call this Friday Black Friday, and is the largest descuentoen the 8 year history that the company has already. I tell you a little: the discounts will only be active since 00: 00 of Friday 26 November and will be granted until 23: 59 on that day. You have to count on Friday for them begins in time (- 6 GMT). So if for example you are in Spain, the discount would start at 7 in the morning.

If you are in Venezuela, he would start at 01: 30 am on Friday. 80% Discount on all plans, if you hire it between 5: 00 and 09: 00 in the morning. A 50% discount on all plans, all day, except from 09: 00 am and 5: 00. This means, that if you hire a 3 year plan hosting with 80% of discount it’ll cost around $35.64 for 3 whole years! I.e.: a shared hosting might cost you $ 0.99/month instead of $4.95. Incredible. The cheapest thing we’ve ever seen. And the best thing is that the offer applies to any product. Shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated servers. Visit Hostgator original author and source of the article