The Irony

It’s like a magic wand, do not mind and do not interrupt, learn to listen. This will help you. That on one side of the seller, buyer and his opponent, and that to impose its position to the buyer, to make him leave the money in different tricks. Sometimes sellers say with a scowl: – Well, here again, these buyers came, and, in turn, consumers shy away from the Sellers, because that those ” constantly unnecessary. And it’s everywhere. What to do? How to understand all this? How to create a framework for understanding. Let’s start with transaction – an exchange of values – money in exchange for something really needed buyer. So you know, the deal should be mutually beneficial to both the seller and buyer.

Value for value. Or money for value. It turns out that the seller and the buyer like as a team. When selling real estate I surprised at the idea of cost per square meter, called me and asked asked how much per square meter, but will not try to live in a house in the open field, important facilities and an opportunity to get to work without traffic jams at least. These were Remnants of the past, a certain standard in high-rise buildings, so many of them built and all they had normal or nearly the same (as in the film The Irony of Fate), that could buy in quantities of meters and look at whom they are cheaper.