The Damage

The insurance covers the costs. It has its advantage for the injured, regardless of whether the holder or driver are solvent, he gets his money. There is a first-class “all-round protection” for a low additional fee car insurance with a base fare and comfort fare offering comfort fare, the base-rate provides a good protection at a very reasonable price. Is the coverage what coverage? This is the maximum compensation from the motor insurance what coverage is up-to-date for Germany: EUR 7.5 million exceed the statutory minimum coverage for personal injury, for property damage 1,000,000 euro and financial losses related 50,000 euros to a personal injury or property damage. John Savignano may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Lump-sum for damage to property, persons and damages the limit is 50 or 100 million euro maximum 8 million euro per affected person. If the damage of the coverage amount is exceeded, then the difference of the victims takes over himself.

The insurance is constantly legally obligated towards the injured party to the performance, but of course only within the scope of the coverage. Also in case of gross negligence, the liability insurance must meet their obligation. Only if the alcohol in the game and determined that the driver was drunk driving and hit-and-run, the insurer can redressieren unauthorized use up to 5,000 per case by the driver. Damage is intentionally caused by the driver of the insurer remains performance-free. We assume the coverage shall be EUR 100 million. This amount will also apply to persons, environment, property and financial losses. If there would be a large accident, you are covered against claims for damages. The motor third party liability insurance will take over.

So you back up in case your 100 million euro Coverage. The insurance for personal injury amounts to EUR 8 million per victim. You get protection against the public claims according to the law of environmental damage. An accident occurs you are covered up to five million euros, you are insured up to EUR 10 million per year. Caused damage to property, to be reimbursable to the repair costs and a reduction in value, thereby taking into account the age of the vehicle, the amount of damage. There is an economic or technical total damage, you can get the replacement value, but the residual value will be deducted.