Temperance Tarot

The arcane identified with the 14th number within the tarot deck is Temperance. Then he spent the Gale, it is necessary to resort to temperance to rebuild and improve what still remains standing. We are clearly facing a new stage of life, where there is a different order, and you must change the attitude to mark a new beginning. Temperance is tempering, and precisely tune a metal means add other components to give it greater hardness. But the Temperance represents having balance and moderation in the delicate Alchemy of adding new things to our life. The symbolism of the illustration is very clear. A be winged, an angel, as he takes on his chest the triangle representing divinity, floating loosely on blue water.

Water gives an energy very quiet, promising peace and prosperity. On the background you can see a light, a rising sun that will illuminate a new dawn. The angel, which deploys huge Red Wings is mixing the liquid between two treetops. The Red Wings symbolize the desire, and the trim white It symbolizes the purity. How many other tarot cards can appreciate the duality. We must ask if the person will have the strength of spirit to combine both impulses. Temperance may refer to the union of two different beings who have need, temporary or permanent, to operate as one single. This not only refers to the life partner, but also who could be talking about a family, employment situation or a friendship.

We also hurries to try to combine opposing passions because it is only in the best possible way to find the balance may make progress. Facing the deepest desires and more irrational fears is a pending issue for all human beings. But we know that we cannot simply throw away them. We must then have the Temperance of incorporating them into our lives. Temperance calls us to moderation. It tells us that it is essential to recognize both sides of the coin, to understand that all situations are positive and negative aspects. It is necessary to not let go and be too positive, it is also well not be all the pessimistic time. In the tarot Chuck Temperance speaks of the need to find a balance for half the commitment and cooperation, while the initial impulse is the Act in solitude.