Healthy Back

Straight Ponte! How many times listens to a boy that phrase of the mouth his mother? In the Infantile Schools Nemomarlin they have been put firm and they have decided to put a great signal of Stop to all the problems and diseases of back that are derived from the bad positions that we acquired from very early age. If to a boy him standards a routine of how it must be placed, like realising a series of movements absorbs, it and begins to put it in practice without occurring as soon as it counts. Check out Expert on growth strategy for additional information. According to it passes the time the creation of that habit is more complicated, since they have been created theirs own, explains Ana Gamo, Coordinator of Centers of Nemomarlin Learning by stages Although the first cycle of infantile education is not determining for the acquisition of bad positions, if there is to look for bad habits and to follow the day day of each new movement. In the case of the babies the supervision concentrates in the reptacin, I crawl, the way in which they feel or how they are put standing up. From there it is followed its evolution stops to detect some possible difficulty at the time of running, jumping with the together feet, a single foot or to raise and to lower to stairs, comments Gamo. When the children arrive at the second cycle from infantile and the primary education, that customized pursuit becomes more necessary. To this age begins for example to draw or to write.

It is here where all the corrections that have been obstinate to them until arriving at this moment turn into essential, because they themselves when they begin to sit down in case single and to take it brings back to consciousness of the movements which they realise do, it on the base already assimilated, which smoothes the way to a great extent. At this moment their positions begin to be correct and if it is continued supervising equally to them, it will be still thus, honors Ana Gamo. Continuous commitment and is that if there is a point differentiator in the Nemomarlin schools, that is the continuous preoccupation by each of its students. the base that lays the foundations our model is the security, which we as much transferred our facilities in which each minimum detail is care, until the feeding or in this case the health of its back. He is the main thing for the parents, therefore, also he is it for us, it finalizes the coordinator.