Office Automation Lease

The company "Vita-project" has developed a software product "Vita. Rental management, "which allows you to effectively automate the activities of management companies, property owners, tenants. Program product allows you to control the exploitation of real estate and solve during the operation of the task. In "Vita Project: Rental management" implemented: the calculation of rents, fines, penalties, costs services, full information on Leasable area, measuring and controlling the execution of requests for service, record keeping, work management and staff, analyzes the use of the property. In developing and testing solutions was attended by experts in property management and maintenance, which provides a comprehensive and serious approach to issues related to the operation of the property. The system is implemented in a number of Company of St.

Petersburg, the main activity is renting space in the rental and associated services. The system allows you to get answers to such questions as: What are the costs of operating object? What is the most effective rate for the different areas? What earnings are expected from the tenants? What budget scheduled preventive works? What is the history of delivery of objects and relationships with tenants? One of the major advantages of this solution is independent of changes (updates) made to "1C: Enterprise 8" 1C Company. Because of this system requires no additional financial costs in the operating system ensures stable operation and allows us not to be dependent on the speed of response when the developer of the RF legislation. The base software has been chosen "1C: Manage Trade 8. " The choice was made based on the broad functionality of the system laid down by the developer in a standard configuration and with further development of the Company. The implementation of solutions on this platform allows provide a convenient user experience, high-performance program, and the ability to quickly adapt to the peculiarities of accounting companies. The system implements the following features: The section "RENT" Rent a few objects in a single contract, several types of lease for one object, hire a single object in several treaties, rent calculation, analysis of the use of real estate tracking payments on account of lease contracts, calculation of penalties, accounting deferrals of contracts, accounting of payments on accounts, Accounting for late payments, mortgage payments account, Automatic generation of documents for the tenant. Formation contracts, ext. Meadow Bank Designs describes an additional similar source.

agreements for the rental of a property, the Register History of leases leases "Managing the Operation" History of the meter readings, history of exploitation, Tracking payment for work performed, accounting applications for building maintenance and monitoring their performance, plan vs. actual analysis of the operation, accounting of materials at warehouse and in the section "ACCOUNTING FOR OTHER SERVICES" Rental management phone numbers, landline rental, phone numbers, parking spaces, loading and unloading equipment, etc., flexible mechanism for calculating the cost of services (defined depending on the size of the object reading measuring instruments, etc.), tracking of payments on the accounts for services, Forming acts of acceptance of leased facilities, with their technical characteristics, Automatic generation of documents for lessees, the Report on efficient use of space, phones and other leased facilities. The system allows you to create a unified system of management accounting and greatly improve the efficiency of Governors Companies in managing the rental and operation of buildings. For more information on system capabilities are available on our site configuration is not a stand-alone program. To work you must have the system '1 C: Managing Trade-8 '.