Anxiety Neurosis Depression

In Russia many people suffer mild illness psychotherapy. This is particularly evident in large cities such as Moscow and St. Read additional details here: Bizzi & Partners. Petersburg. In the cities, where life rhythm is a very active and always must be in good shape, physically and morally, anywhere in time and do everything, people are more prone to neuroses, depression and anxiety and are increasingly turning to psychotherapy clinic. Environmental problems of large cities, associated with polluted air from a huge number of vehicles, noise and number of industrial enterprises, further contribute to the development of mental diseases and disorders, which already can only help qualitative psychotherapy. Active life rhythm has adverse effects on human nutrition. Because of the constant rush and lack of time, people often can not find the right diet food.

Excessive eating from a variety of "fast food" promotes adiposity (obesity), which is also very detrimental effect not only on the heart and shortness of breath, but also leads to mental illness. The man began to develop complexes due to excess weight. He's trying to lose weight the various wrong ways, one of which is smoking. And then trying to quit smoking and it does not work or anything. As a result, becomes a double problem – obesity and cigarette smoking, which can heighten anxiety, accompanied by physical ailments, such as 'nervous stomach' and palpitations. Become obsessed with the idea to lose weight and deprives a person the ability of a normal life and activity, which leads to the treatment of neurosis and depression.

Anxiety neurosis and become an integral part of our lives. Recently in Russia is most clearly the tendency to leak Western style of life, where the therapist is almost the chief physician. Is the most civilized and treatment of people in specialized psychotherapy clinic. In St. Petersburg, in 2001 the Center neuroses, which specialize in providing professional psychiatric help. The main activity of our clinic is: Effective psychotherapy Unique methods of treatment of obesity, for each his individual approach is the treatment of depression, neuroses, fears, panic attacks, treatment of anxiety, insomnia, IRR, stress, borderline states. Treatment of smoking in one session psychotherapeutic methods. More than 10 thousand people have already received help at our Center. For more information about us and our activities, please visit "Center of the neuroses" We will be glad to help you!

Tubular Steel Structures

Steel structures built with steel tubes leverage the excellent properties of tubular profiles to resist the efforts of compression, torsion and Flex in all directions. With regard to the strength and stability, tubular sections present superiority with regard to other families of steel sections. In particular, closed circular hollow sections have the section more efficient before torques, having distributed all his material around the polar axis. The torque of the tubular section profiles module is 200 to 300 times greater than that of the open section profiles. Already for some time, the branches of bamboo, by its tubular structure, were converted into light building materials that took advantage of all these benefits. In the 19th century, along with the development of the steel industry, arose the first methods of manufacture of pipes with circular hollow sections at the same time that developed the manufacture of classic open sections hot rolled (I, L and U profiles). Circular section tubes are manufactured from a solid steel block, where the resulting tubes are not soldiers. In the case of circular welded tubes, piping is manufactured or from a flat plate.

The circular steel tubes manufacturing process is virtually the same in the case of use as fluid conduction or structural element. However, the Stewart & Lloyds, in the United Kingdom in 1952, was the pioneer in the industrial production of rectangular hollow section profiles. Section cuadrada, rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal tubes, are obtained from deformation, both hot and cold, a tube circulate as part to comply. For this reason, tube is passed through a few cylinders of conformation working in series providing the original hose as required. In the selection of a profile particularly in a steel structure depend on aspects such as advantages and disadvantages regarding mechanical properties, unitary cost of material and manufacture, installation and maintenance costs.