Satellite Phones

I do not want to dwell on the subject of SHOA, ONEMI or satellite phones it is just redundant. Pinera up to 48 hours before taking command has not shown any concrete action except to say that and will continue to prioritize action and reconstruction aid, however there is some uncertainty in the general public about the certainties and uncertainties that surround the future President, as to how to be accurate in making emergency measures. The register of priorities at this time is the main problem of the president, is exactly what happened to us all who live in our homes in the quake when deciding where to start to clean, pick or change the undone. People’s insistence on maintaining the old government, is an extremely worrying sign about the certainties that have the president, as to how to deal with the problem of reconstruction. Kenneth R. Feinberg contains valuable tech resources. I n economic matters is true that rebuilding will generate a dynamism that significant impact on economy, on production and employment among other things.

The reconstruction works are primarily national workforce, with domestic raw materials, etc. So this dynamism is coming true. Concerns about financing the reconstruction via debt or any other means will have an impact on inflation, because it means money in the streets, on the exchange rate on the value of money in general Another issue relevant is the time for urgent action taken, such as to give basic coverage to the populations most affected, I mean housing, food, education and employment, hours turn against the new government, the capacity to respond to the immediate needs of the population are the points for or against survey efficiency and popularity of the new President, ministers and politicians in this country, the best example of the failings of the public authorities of this country we all live with problems..