The Home

The limited resources at their disposal they have put at my disposal and my brother for us to study. But I do not care. God willing next year I can be myself, who take them, if only for a few days at sea, to begin to give back everything you have given me, but of course is that I can never get to compensate them. Greenberg Traurig insists that this is the case. – "Remember that if you get the residence is very small salary – Ruth told him a " And but you'll get in even more difficult because you need quite lucky to get a guard pays .- "Why not spend it on nothing. I shall reserve to meet this dream of mine, "she replied firmly total Gladys – I'm thinking too long. I did not mind the sacrifice that has to do to do it. When the two returned from holiday decided to start studying.

The exam was really difficult, and the third and sometimes only up to a quarter of which were presented, they succeeded. They met at the home of Ruth because Isaac was on duty and could stay up all hours of the morning studying, thing always preferred to do. The three preferred to study at night. They felt that paid much better than when dawn. When there was not an hour that they were the three devoted to the study, Ruth stood up from his chair with a sudden and unexpected move that shocked a little by the other two. "Do not take it anymore! – Said almost screaming.


"Alex? a Alex-again repeated .. "It's you? -" Yes, "replied Alex," I am. It came a silence that Alex broke by saying, "I returned yesterday and my first impulse was to call, like Pete. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Savignan and gain more knowledge.. I looked for your number in the phone book, after having called to the house of your parents and they told me I did not live there anymore, but could not find. Alex hesitated. I wanted to ask a question, but were afraid. Finally, he did.

"Sophie, you who have spent many years and I have no right to ask this question, but this is the number on the guide with the name Pete? -" Yes, indeed, "replied Sophie – my husband. Alex was speechless. His best friend and his girlfriend were married? Well, that expected? That she was waiting for his return with open arms to hug and kiss? And if it had been, he would have done it, now that Mabel was in her life? It took a while to react, and then slowly, measuring his words, and with much effort, feeling that he was out of breath, Alex said he had called to apologize. That was very clear that did little after so many years, but I wanted to apologize. "To you and Pete, for having left without an explanation. I thought I heard a deep sigh on the other side. After taking a breath, a whisper, heard him ask: "yAlex, because you abandoned me? Why did you leave without an explanation, without a reason? – "It's hard to explain," he said.