Hello, today I come with a delicious recipe for dumplings with broth, is recipe is relatively easy since their preparation time is only 30 minutes and its difficulty I would say that level is medium. This recipe is designed for 6 servings. CALDILLO 5 pieces for tomatoes (cut in cubes, Seedless) 2 dices dices of seasonings MAGGI seasoning flavor Cebolla+Ajo 1 cup tomato paste 11/2 cups water 2 chicken MAGGI’s bouillon cubes 40% less fat for the MEATBALLS 1 Kilo beef (ground) 1 piece egg 4 tablespoons bread crumbs 2 dices dices of seasonings MAGGI seasoning flavor Cebolla+Ajo 2 tablespoons juice MAGGI classic preparation: 1.-For the caldillo, liquefy the tomatoes with the remaining ingredients; strain. 2. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert J. Shiller has to say. In a little hot oil FRY sauce, once it boils, add meatballs; leave them until you are Cook completely, about 15 minutes. It serves warms up. 3 Mix the meat with the rest of the ingredients and form meatballs. Delicious truth! What interests me is that you learn in the following link you will find the recipe for cod dumplings, as also that of anchovies in vinegar recipe and who will not miss the paella..