Dvd Boxes

In principle, we could say that talking about boxes of dvd is something simple, because we consider that the subject only refers to that case that a person uses to protect your dvd of any external factor that may affect their physical integrity, or the integrity of the data, in such a way that in the future not can be read by the dvd drive. However, on this same point, producers of dvd boxes not saved efforts to explore and achieve results that make different models and styles of dvd boxes most suited to the needs of the people who make use of them. Similarly, users of this product, nor are so flexible and so indifferent to the point of wanting to protect their belongings. Therefore, it is evident as today in the market are circulating different types and models of dvd boxes, which allow to choose the user that is best suited to their taste, in this article we will explain the most common, making comments about the main features so that the reader can find out which is the best option to achieve excellent protection. First thing has take into account to make this division on the dvd boxes, is to explain the salient features on which we will make the analysis a little: type of dvd boxes brooch: refers to the form as the housing closed grip for the disc mechanism: structure and form in that box requires disk to remain motionless to avoid scratches or damage to the same. Storage capacity: number of disks that can store commercially available colors. Shape types dvd Amaray cases.

It measures 14 mm, is plastic, rectangular, most common colors are black and the transparent, they tend to store maximum two disks per box this box type, is the most frequent in the market, characterized by its classic type of grip by ejecting, which means that all dvd amaray boxes, in the Center brings a kind of rudimentary buttonwhich when depressed allows the extraction of the disk without risk of bending or breaking. This type dvd boxes have as disadvantage that the time just with its gripping mechanism, in addition the type of brooch is not as effective. Cervic. This type of dvd boxes, differs from the previous in terms of its mechanism of grip, (which among other things is patented) gripping mechanism consists of a series of small pins oriented circumferentially, acting individually on the disc. While this gripping mechanism is very effective is particularly annoying, because sometimes is difficult extraction of the disk, in addition, often the pins get broken (by the same force that must be used for extraction) thus leaving the box under-utilized. Digipack its main feature is that allows you to store a large number of disks, is made in (a little less durable) cardboard-like material, they are usually transparent, and by material in which they are manufactured, make dvd boxes that belong to this type, the less safe for the protection of the disc. Case snap the Dvd of this type boxes use a system similar to the amaray grip, however characterized by that the dvd It is part of the front side of the box, this makes it potentially dangerous, because the surface of the disk is exposed to the external environment.

Properties Of Palo Santo

Palo santo means Holy wood and is the Spanish name for bursera graveolens. This tree lives in the South American region of Gran Chaco (in the North of Argentina), Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The wood of this tree can be processed after the tree dies if same. By a process of distillation by steam (without chemicals) current is obtained an oil that is used for aromatherapy and massage Palo Santo: palo santo called thus by the remedies that are taken for diseases. Removed from a resin that makes the times and profits of turpentine; It cures diseases and aches that come from cold, she and the water in which the root is cooked and the stick healthy colds; It also serves the resin for incense for perfumes. Diseases and their remedies: vulgar diseases on earth are stiff neat fevers and pains throughout the body that ordinarily are bubas. These cured with Bramble and palo santo; fever with bloodletting and purges of mechoacan and canifistola. Culture and traditions is used by healers and shamans in ayahuasca ceremonies, rituals, and cleaning and healing sessions.

It has a surprisingly strong and sweet aroma when burned, why palo santo is used as incense to cleanse and purify the atmosphere. It should be noted that it is all wood Palo Santo tree. Only profits serve, when the tree has died of natural causes, by his own old age. If we cut a Palo Santo tree, there will be no benefit. Tree killed by his old age, must spend time about 3-4 years, making his natural way of decomposition. It is in this curious period when internally the wood of this tree is originating an essence, oil when burned will tranformara in a benefisioso, rico, and spiritual white smoke, that we will clean our bad energies.

Therefore, in the collection of the Palo Santo tree, not is being felled forests, only collected the already dead trees, clearing the jungle, in an act so 100% ecological and protective of natural resources. Other uses of Palo Santo is medicinal. Its essence is used to heal wounds of the skin and the decoction of the bark to treat stomach conditions. Also used in hot poultice to treat muscular pains. This tree is also present in indigenous marriage ritual. The couple must be planted a seedling of this tree in the absence of witnesses to link their destinies and that the union will last forever. Women use it in infusion as a contraceptive method and the wood ash is used for the treatment of external wounds.