Carpathian Mountains

– SHE: (As a tax police!) Tell us where you have real estate. – I: (Rasskazal. convinced.) Crimea and the Carpathian Mountains, it appears, continue to make a good impression even on aggressive representatives of embassies! – SHE: (Here I do not understand Tricks) Have you someday with his wife abroad? – I: (It seems to dispel all her suspicions), I and my wife a year residence in Prague (although it should be said 'in the Czech Republic'). – SHE: A few seconds looking in my eyes (as X-rays), and I look at it. And he said officially: 'Expect results. " – I: wished all the best and left.

Condition was, like me, 'tan'. I talked with some 'strong to talk' Heroes mid-90's. They were men. But she woman, the conversation kept to stronger and more important, more logical! My interview, I thought it was slightly longer in time than the previous 2 (for me). Those interviews lasted for 2-3 minutes. I talked, I thought, 5 minutes or more. Although after I was called in for an interview applicants room N'1.

I've already got a visa and applicant is yet to be released. My conclusion is the first thing I want to see – I do not always specifically to answer a particular question because sometimes perhaps specifically to answer because a particular issue may affect the bulk substance of the question. Therefore, the answer is sometimes ambiguous, collecting parts of very different components of matter. She let me be customized, but I'm explaining that Now I will go to the bottom. I think it was a bit risky, but it turned out as Yet it was necessary to spend more time on preparation for the interview. Therefore, good preparation for the interview – this is part of a successful outcome! Likewise, without a specific purpose, which is sure, and the goal, it turns out, maybe even a simple type of 'learning the language, but where the nice and beautiful "and not where cheaper interview is unlikely to pass. There are, of course, exceptions, if You level psychologist Dr. Lecter, but this is the exception. from yourself Would recommend 1. Sparing no resources (such as 180 euros) for a consultation on the preparation of documents refer only to specialists. 2. Form a clear goal. Should present a strong motivation! Not easy to convince embassy staff that you have a month to master Inglish. 3. If you have chosen Canada, and the courses are not more than a month, better prepare yourself as an expert may interview type 'Gap'. Be sure, with the logic of the embassy staff a full order. In any case, in his experience that any training 'for the cordon' and 'us', whether it's education or the opening of the company must begin with a reliable specialists. You can, of course, and most 'overpower' the issue. But who will give a guarantee? Whom the result is important and time is precious, the interest guarantees. 17/10/2009 flight to Toronto. What is 'out there' status, possibly write.

Czech Republic

Its rights and obligations in the eu are comparable to the rights and responsibilities of the eu citizen the Czech Republic. The winner of this status can be in several ways: 1.Imeya within five years of residence in the Czech long-stay visa to residence permit can claim the status of permanent residence visa valid for 10 years. 2.Ofitsialno register their marriage with citizen (Coy), Czech Republic. After the marriage the alien (CA) may apply the law within two years of residence in the Czech Republic for permanent residence documents. 3.If the genealogical tree of ancestors of the citizens present that were Czechs, filing for permanent residency can be made after confirmation of the exact relationship Czech authorities. 4.If an individual resident in the territory of the Czech Republic in an employment contract (visa number 61) and is of interest for the Czech state, for example, academics, young professionals, celebrities, entrepreneurs ready to invest in the Czech economy. Examination of documents last year to the percentage of obtaining permanent residence status very small. Known variants of obtaining permanent residence citizens, refugees, the term refugee status can last for many years.

Permanent residency status allows an individual to acquire property and get into the mortgage 100% of the estimated value of the property, if the citizen shows confirmation of the Czech income. Social tuition fees in schools and keep kids in kindergarten are 10% and 90% paid by the state. Employment contract can be concluded and get a job in public organizations, to participate in elections, but not all. Compulsory health insurance can be attributed to the positive and negative factors. Amount payments for the year for many daunting. Each year, citizens with permanent residency status must submit the tax office in the residence income tax return ("Daneve ). A huge plus is the ten-year visa and the lack of need to constantly go to the police for foreigners on the one-year extension and two-year visas. Czech citizenship can be obtained after 10 years of residence (the first five years on the status of permit and another five years on the status, permanent residence).

The variant of citizenship based on marriage to a citizen (th) Czech Republic, or on the basis of Czech relatives who were found in your family tree. Filing should be made after agreement with the internal affairs bodies of the Czech Republic. Czech citizen is a resident of the European Union, with all the obligations and opportunities. Granting citizenship to children born on the Czech Republic is possible only under the condition that one parent a citizen of the Czech Republic. If the child's parents are aliens, not citizens of the Czech Republic, the status of a citizen to the child unavailable. Czech citizen has the right receive free secondary and higher education. Czech citizen acquires the right to vote and be elected to the highest state authorities.