Spanish Countries

Currently there are 57 brands of this activity with their labels abroad more than in 2009 -12 – -4 operating in more than 100 countries last year, -284 shops and 2672 more than the previous study. Second is the sector of hotels and restaurants, with 40 -3 teach more than in 2009 – installed in 47 markets from a year -3 anterior-and a total of 1,157 establishments – 16 more than in the last report. The following activities are specialty stores, with 30 franchises in 34 countries present, with 394 local beauty and aesthetics, with 17 channels in 19 countries and 222 stores, or furniture and home textiles with 14 companies spread over 67 markets and total of 486 outlets. Gain insight and clarity with Nobel Laureate in Economics. Main destination countries in relation to countries which have greater presence of Spanish networks, Portugal continues to emphasize clearly bind 73.5% of total national franchises abroad, with 172 marks – 20 more than in 2008 – 2175 -77 and more, establishments, followed by Mexico with 63 -7 chains more than the previous year, and 498 -19 less-local, France, with 48 firms and 1,444 stores, making it the second largest market by number shops, after Portugal, Andorra, with 48 brands and 63 locations, and Italy, where it operates 43 banners Spanish, totaling 464 stores. At the same time, and continents, it is clear that the franchises in our country are betting on everything to be established in European markets, since they are spread across 45 nations, with a total of 6594 -1 local country and more than 218 establishments 2009 -. .