Spanish Property Market

With regard to the language barrier, then it is completely avoidable. For assistance, try visiting John Savignan. In Spain there entire Russian-speaking areas. For example, Lloret De Mar, which is a kind of Spanish . For very many Russian-speaking tourists in Lloret de Mar, a point of honor to be noted at least once a year on the Spanish coast. For them it has become a tradition and a kind of a question of prestige. It is also noteworthy that the Spanish Mediterranean, in principle, a lot of foreigners – up to 80% of all people, including Russian. The most part they come to Coast to earn extra money during the peak tourist season in the service industry (hotels, bars).

Comfortable resort and job availability determines the desire of the majority of them stay for a permanent stay on the Spanish coast. The presence of Russian interlayer in Spain has provided her so dear to his heart of our fellow Russian shops that sell Russian vodka and real dumplings. As far as legislative style, for many compatriots will be useful to the fact that the gaming business in Spain is not prohibited. Thus we can have fun playing on a holiday or create your own games business at Spanish coast. After these discoveries I am impressed. This is what have we got? In the same Spanish I can buy a property at a price not much different from Ukrainian? In Spain – Western civilized country where the life and service is much higher Ukrainian? Yes, and on the coast? And even in credit and a percentage of attractive? And it's really not even a vision! The point is knowing the realities of the market, with whom I have tried your introduce. And whether it be a loser, to hurry, or a favorite far-sighted, every man for himself will decide by yourself! All successful investment!