Spanish Mortgages

90% Of the mortgages underwritten in Spain are variable rate; This situation has caused constant rises that the euribor has suffered during the last two years affecting in a disproportionate way mortgage customers and that, many of them have difficulties to make ends meet. Now, the euribor is falling and mortgage free launches mortgage fixed rate. Contrary to the initial idea of thinking to hire this type of mortgage no sense now, since the mortgage fees; are cheaper fixed mortgage has a number of advantages to encourage to hire her: the client will always pay the same. The period of amortization of a mortgage, 20 to 30 years, is a period in which presuppose different business with their periods of expansion and cycles its periods of recession, so these cycles does not affect the quota-the contracted interest rate, as it rises, low. The euribor has been two years climbing, has now started a period of decline, probably late or early return to upload. There are fewer risks when engages a fixed rate mortgage, so the customer’s credit profile is better. Now may be a good option arise the idea, consult the conditions of mortgage free and informed, the fixed rate mortgage may be a solution for your pocket.