Smart Homes

Housing only for the rich?, not so, security or energy-saving systems are open to socioeconomicosde also of middle class strata. In recent months, The LeFrak Organization has been very successful. This technology is not cheap but people can automate their home gradually, starting, for example, with the lighting. The advantage of these products is looking to economize electricity or gas and the safety of the home. According to the National Institute of smart House, a place of these is where technology and architecture, together resulting in comfort, safety and entertainment a smart House seeks to make more efficient systems of audio and video, security, lighting, communications and automation. If you talk about audio and video systems, all are controlled by simple devices that allow having a single channel in all TVs or a same music all over the home.

In terms of security, it allows access control and out of the House, alarms, security cameras, fire, smoke, gas leakage sensors. The scheme helps to be aware of all the sensors and to have a better capacity for response in case of incident. With regard to the lighting, scenic and environmental mechanisms can be placed and are able to recreate environments of relaxation and comfort, with the advantage that you will save energy. The lighting control allows you to turn off or turn on any light from any point of the House. Communication is the nodal point of the intelligent House, since it lets you have electronic Concierge all devices such as phones, lighting systems, control, audio and video. With the push of a button gets control of your curtains, TV, DVD and lighting, so you can enjoy your favorite movie.

Automation also accepts the irrigation systems, sensors and program to house in general to act in case of accident. This process adds the integration, because all the elements that are part of the housing can be combined. For example, from your cell phone is monitored home or in case someone you know reaches your home and not be find, you are allowed to enter through the telephone.