Romanesque European

\”Closed doors of Romanesque buildings open events for the European days of the monument on the TRANSROMANICA route more than 4.5 million visitors took advantage of the German heritage days\” for the visit of castles, palaces and churches. But that was only a prelude to the European days of the monument, which continue in September and be committed to the cultural route TRANSROMANICA. Lovers of Romanesque numerous moved to the convent of Drubeck in the Harz, which is part of the European cultural route TRANSROMANICA on September 13. On this day, found the visitors in the heritage-listed monastery not only spiritual recreation and cultural entertainment, but could also find out about the formation as well as the further development of the historic site. The society of friends and promoters convent of Drubeck (GFF) the path made with the action to the Bell\”attention to the planned reconstruction of the missing north side nave of Romanesque church of St. Vitus. The heritage days\” committed is on the following weekends in the framework of the European heritage days\”(European heritage days\”) in other European countries. For followers of the Romanesque the free insights into other partially otherwise inaccessible cultural sights on the TRANSROMANICA route through Italy, Austria and Slovenia to get possibility inter alia on 26 and 27 September.

It offers may for example visitors of the TRANSROMANICA Carinthia, where the Collegiate Church of St. Paul IM lavanttal is one of the highlights of Romanesque architecture. Enjoy the open monument day\”the guests a guided tour of the treasure house of Carinthia\”. This art collection is among the most comprehensive in Europe. Power of the word is currently in the walls of the possibility Benedictine Abbey St. Paul the Europe exhibition\”masterpieces of book and monastic way of life. Of Carinthia not far is the way to Slovenia. During the European Heritage Days\”will be there on April 3.