Real Estate Agency Contract

Manager assures that the money will be credited to the rent for the first month. But keep in mind the fact that you no one is going to go on watching the apartment / room. You only give phone numbers and addresses. And the views and negotiate with the owner fall on your shoulders. We receive flat (or multiple addresses), "visiting" is going to watch house and it turns out that it had either surrendered or never gave up. In the best case, every hundredth number or address, just untrue. Since the contract is concluded for a month, the agency offers, such as tomorrow or after tomorrow to see another apartment and so on. "Bride" can last the entire month, but all the proposed options are bound to be "Blanks".

With them hard to fight legally, they are unnecessarily with their obligations under the contract fulfilled, provided you with information on apartments / rooms. These agencies often change their addresses. Therefore, the appearance of their office is very simple. It's a small room, one table, two chairs, a telephone, computer and nothing else Pay attention to these things. So why do people still go there? Yes, because their imaginary service is cheaper by 2-3 times than these agencies. And in result is obtained on the contrary, money is lost, damaged nerves, and now time is working against you. Miser pays twice. Remember this rule and does not refer to them. 4. Real Estate Agency This is the most expensive, but the safest way to obtaining rented accommodation.