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Incidentally, it is worth noting that the way implemented a security feature in the 'smart house' and commercial real estate property is just one of the main differences of these systems. So for homes are often installed devices simulate the presence of animals or people, that nowhere in the office, shop or hotel. Then, as in 'intelligent office' system security includes protection of information that nowhere in the accommodation. Smart building controls the status of communications: electricity (monitoring of key components and Power Supplies electricity plants – sources uninterruptible power supply, diesel generator sets), heating, water (pressure monitoring system and equipment status), etc. In case of any breakdowns or accidents intelligent building will take care of immediate notification service departments, which should focus on getting it fixed. Full automation of the building – not a cheap solution, it is often inaccessible due to some circumstances. But may also partial automation. For example, the implementation of climate-control system in a restaurant.

Indeed, one of the most important conditions for a pleasant stay is a comfortable microclimate. The restaurant climate control system used to maintain and change the temperature, humidity and circulation of fresh air. Work provides a set of different media: forced ventilation, air conditioning, electric or water heating. To control the parameters used by a variety of sensors, fixing the current state of climate in the restaurant, switches and panels. The presence of such a system even allows you to divide the room into zones and configure climate for each zone individually.