Portugal Real Estate

The dimensions of this would sesmaria understood part of the current localities, Glad Mount, Cajazeiras, Gangorra, Hidding place, Baranas, Betnia, Hall, Forest fires, Young woman, Threshed Great Would be vacant, currently pertaining to the districts of Ibicatu and Green Riacho, stuck in the current one glad Fertile valley city, state of the Cear. The family Blacksmith Rasp of would sesmaria Glad Mount, Glad Fertile valley, has as ancestral as deposition of Loureno Blacksmith Rasp (2009), Portuguese Captain Augustin Duarte Pine that together with its brother 2 second lieutenant Bernardo Duarte Pine, had been benefited with dates (sesmarias), the edges of the Stream of the Axe, at the time, known for Stream of the Coroat in 23 of February of 1718. Two years later folloied of familiar the brothers had decided to make an excursion the property. When they had arrived at the place where a lagoon existed, all surrounded by virgin forest had been to contemplate that wonderful landscape listening to singing of birds that flied in the twigs of leafy trees. Admired with that magnificent panorama one of the components concise and significant phrase pronounced this: But that Glad Fertile valley! Being suggested the choice of the name of the farm. Time later, Captain Augustin, shaken for familiar problems, decided to donate its part in the property to its children and returned Portugal, while its Bernardine brother definitively fixed residence in Glad Fertile valley, where he constructed to its house in the small farm Lagoons. Still in accordance with the deponent to obtain the sesmarias, the brothers had changed its last names of Duarte Pine for Blacksmith Rasp, noble family of Portugal, in order to hide its true identity as marrano, preventing the speculations and persecutions that were inflicted the descendants of Jews. However, this hypothesis to seem not to have much sustentation due to the fact of Augustin Duarte Pine (Brando), to have been born in the clientele of Eullia Saint, advice of Paos de Ferreira, Port, Portugal.